Data Reconciliation and Conditioning Solutions

Data Reconciliation and Conditioning Solutions

The large volume of production data creates significant roadblocks to a company’s capacity to manually verify the accuracy and validity of this data. As a result, decisions are made using inaccurate data, and process inefficiencies are not identified in a timely manner. Modern, operations require valid and approved information at all times at all levels of the organization; from the plant floor to the business layer.


SigmaFine is a data validation platform used to transform apparently independent data and events into business information:

  1. Configurable according to company’s business rules
  2. Expandable plugins to incorporate business logic
  3. Scalable (from single unites to large process networks)
  4. Reusable for different process analysis
  5. Compliant to international standards


Data reconciliation shorou


Sigmafine uses a robust data reconciliation engine to reconcile and validate raw plant measurements, which can then be compared to baseline parameters and predetermined business plans.

Sigmafine gives you the confidence of validated data you can trust, enabling you to act quickly, certain that the data is consistent across your company. If you can not trust the data upon which you base your decisions, you are more likely to hesitate in making the most profitable business changes or necessary adjustments to your process.

sigmafine composition tracking

Data Reconciliation and Conditioning Solutions Projects

Schneider Electric - AVEVA

PI Development for the Taweelah Gas Compressor Station (TGCS) - 2019

Refining Client

OSISOFT PI Support Services for Jubail Berri Gas Plant - 2017

Refining Client

OSISOFT PI Support Services for Jazan Refinery and IGCC. - 2017 - Ongoing

Gas Processing Client

Implementation of PI High Availability on Corporate Process Information Management System - 2015

Gas Processing Client

FEED and Consulting services for MIS integrated implementation - 2013

Techint - Italy

RSHT- II PI System - Implementation of CPIMS for Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal II for ADNOC Gas Processing - 2013 2016

Gas Processing Client

Habshan 5 CPIMS - Turnkey project for implementation of Habshan 5 PI system, and integration with HQ CPIMS - 2012

Arab Potash Company

Operation Management and Decision Support System - Implementation of a PI Historian system for the three plants of APC on the dead sea - 2013

Egyptian LNG

Upgrading PI Data Archive - Mograting PI Archive files - Installing and configuring PI Asset Framework (AF), PI Coresight, PI DataLink, PI-to-PI and PI OPC HDA Interfaces - 2017 - 2018

Refining Client

PI Upgrade Services- Zuluf GOSP - 2017

Refining Client

RIS-RTA Consultancy services - 2016

Refining Client

PI Training and Consulting services - 2014

Dodsal - Abu Dhabi

HSGP PI System - Implementation of CPIMS for Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant- ADNOC Gas Processing Habshan - 2014-2016

Transmission And Dispatch Client

LDC PI System - PI System for Real time Acquisition & Exchange of Dispatch Information, in the Load Dispatch Center of Transco -  2013 - 2015

Gas Processing Client

Buhasa PI System -PI Licenses, software and hardware support services. - 2011

Gas Processing Client

Habshan Acid Gas Flare Recovery System –Upgrading the existing RTIS System and configuration of additional PI tags to integrate with the Corporate Information Management System at Head Quarters - 2012