Data Reconciliation and Conditioning Solutions

by PIMSOFT SigmaFine

Mass and Energy Balancing

Sigmafine data reconciliation is used for mass, volume, and energy balances on a unit or plant-wide basis. A gross error detection process precedes the balance.

It balances material quantities and their individual components satisfying conservation principles. This analyses rule is need to balance processes where a mass balance is not enough to determine the amounts of concentrated and purified components. Industries such as metallurgical, chemical, gas plants, and refining can benefit from the use of this functionality.

Sigmafine also balances process networks that contain heat exchangers and process units where a simultaneous balance of mass and energy is required. This tool can calculate mass flowrates and thermal efficiency.

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Mass and Energy Balancing Projects

Refining Client

SIGMAFINE Software Maintenance Program at Ruwais Refinery West - 2019 - 2021


Integrated Mass and Energy Balance Reconciliation and Production Accounting System - 2014 - 2018


SIGMAFINE Software Maintenance Program -Mass and Energy Balance Reconciliation and Production Accounting System - 2018 - 2020