Real-Time Data Historian

Real-Time Data Historian

A Data Historian (also known as a Process Historian or Operational Historian) is a software program that records and retrieves production and process data by time; it stores the information in a time series database that can efficiently store data with minimal disk space and fast retrieval.

PI is a real-time data historian application with a highly efficient time-series database structured and developed by OSIsoft. PI stands for Process Information. This application can efficiently record data from process control systems (ex. DCS, PLC) into a compressed time series database. Customers are using PI systems to record, analyze, and monitor real-time information such as:

  1. Process (Valves, Pumps, Flows, Pressures, Levels) 
  2. Products, Batches, Campaigns, and Production Runs
  3. Product Genealogy from raw material to final product
  4. Environmental and Safety
  5. IT Systems and Network equipment
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OSIsoft PI Database

The OSIsoft PI database with real-time data acquisition offers a central repository for data through a facility or across multiple locations. Information can be automatically collected from many different sources (Control systems, Lab equipment, Calculations, Manual Entry, and/or Custom software). Most information is gathered using one of the many OSIsoft and third party PI Interfaces. Users can then access this information using a common set of tools (ex. Excel, web browser, ProcessBook) and look for correlations: 

  1. Analyze seasonal trends
  2. Determine if utilities are not meeting the demands of production
  3. Compare the performance of different lots of raw material
  4. Determine when maintenance is required on equipment
  5. Optimize the utilization or performance of a production line
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Real-Time Data Historian Projects

Schneider Electric - AVEVA

PI Development for the Taweelah Gas Compressor Station (TGCS) - 2019

Refining Client

OSISOFT PI Support Services for Jazan Refinery and IGCC - 2017 - Ongoing

Techint - Italy

RSHT- II PI System - Implementation of CPIMS for Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal II for ADNOC Gas Processing - 2013 - 2016

Refining Client

Buhasa PI System -PI Licenses, software and hardware support services. - 2011

Gas Processing Client

Habshan 5 CPIMS - Turnkey project for implementation of Habshan 5 PI system, and integration with HQ CPIMS - 2012

Gas Processing Client

Habshan Acid Gas Flare Recovery System –Upgrading the existing RTIS System and configuration of additional PI tags to integrate with the Corporate Information Management System at Head Quarters - 2012

Refining Client

PI Upgrade Services- Zuluf GOSP - 2017

Refining Client

RIS-RTA Consultancy services - 2016

Dodsal - Abu Dhabi

HSGP PI System - Implementation of CPIMS for Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant- ADNOC Gas Processing Habshan - 2014 - 2016

Transmission And Dispatch Client

LDC PI System - PI System for Real time Acquisition & Exchange of Dispatch Information, in the Load Dispatch Center of Transco - 2013 - 2015

Arab Potash Company

Operation Management and Decision Support System - Implementation of a PI Historian system for the three plants of APC on the dead sea. - 2013