Engineering Systems

Our partners are the most prolific industrial sales/engineering companies when it comes to offering the best product support on and off the field. From products such as valves and piping accessories to more specialized packaged pumping skids and instrumentation skids, we aim at providing a service free of hassle and offering our client ease of mind.


Engineering Systems Partners

Engineering Systems Services

Packaged water and wastewater treatment systems and skids

Packaged valve skids

Packaged Fuel Loading & Unloading Skids

Packaged Filtration Systems (Self-Cleaning Filters, Centrifugal Separators)

Packaged liquid and gas injection systems

Packaged air treatment and monitoring systems

Packaged Weighing systems and industrial scales

Packaged Pumps and Lift Stations

Packaged Batching Systems


Engineering Systems Projects List

Please find at your disposal the full list of Engineering Systems Projects conducted through our main partner Bisan,Inc
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Water Treatment Plant

This is one of the largest water
treatment plants upgrade projects in Alexandria. It involves
the upgrade and rehabilitation works for the
main Seven (7) water treatment plants (Manshia, Mammoura,
Siouf, Nozha, Rond Point, Burge El Arab, and
Nobaria) serving the city of Alexandria and near by districts

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Greater Amman’s Water Supply

Restructuring & Rehabilitation Project-C15

This is one of the largest Water
Distribution upgrade to the city of Amman water
distribution network. The project involved building
17 new pump stations with the associated water
mains and city distribution network.


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PV6 /Fayed– EGYPT

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Design, supply, installation
supervision, start up/commission and class
room and field training of complete water and
wastewater treatment facilities for the Fayed Airbase.
Training included Health and Hazards class
and equipment training.



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Wadi Ma’in, Zara, & Mujib

Water Treatment and Conveyance

This is a design / build job involving
the development of a number of brackish water
wells pumping to a nearby desalination plant at
~400 metre below sea level. The raw water is disinfected
at location and then transmitted (9,000
m3/hr at peak) to the city of Amman (+1400 m
from sea level) through 6 consecutive pumping/
boosting stations.

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Systems Refrences

A. Seawater, Drinking Water, Storm Water, Waste Water, and Sludge Handling
  1. TECNIUM CASALS CARDONA Odor Control Units Carbon, Chem. and Bio
  2. FRANKLIN MILLER Grinders, Macerators, Screens and Shredders
  3. VORTEX HYDRA Hydraulic works Penstocks and Custom Valves
  4. ALFA LAVAL COPLASTIX non-metallic Penstocks & Stop Logs
  5. MSU MISSISSAUGA, SS Screens, Baskets, Railing, Access Hatches,
  6. SHOROU Intl. AirOX, Diffusers for Aeration Tanks: Disc, Plate and Tube
B. Flow Control - Water and Chemicals
  1. IFS NUVENT Air Valves, Anti-Surge & Anti-Slam
  2. MICROFINISH Ball Valves, API-6D for O&G and Process
  3. MARIC Constant Flow Valves and Water Conservation Valves
  4. IPEX Vortex Pipe Drop for Energy Absorption in Storm Water & Sewage Water Odor Control in Manholes
  5. IPEX Vortex Force for WWTP Forced Main Odor Control & Aeration
TECNIUM non-metallic Pumps & Fans
C. Mixing and Material Handling - Part 1
  1. WESTFALL Static Mixers, Inline
  2. KASCO Tank Mixers and Agitators
  3. SAF-T-FLO Chemical Injection Quills and Sampling Probes
  4. SCALETRON Digital Chemical Scales – Cylinders & IBC
C. Mixing and Material Handling - Part 2
  1. SHOROU Intl. Chemical & Polymer and Dry Powder Feed Systems
  2. TECNIUM Chemical Storage Tanks
  3. CARLOS ARBOLES Emergency Shower, Eyewash, Decontamination
  4. THERN Winches and Davit Cranes Portable and Fixed type
D. Instrumentation for Water & Chemicals
  1. ISOIL Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic Flowmeters (with GPRS & Batt.Pwr)
  2. ISOIL Energy/BTU Meters for HVAC, Chilled Water and Heating Systems
  3. WESTFALL Flow Conditioners & Venturi Flow Meters
  4. PNEUMERCATOR Liquid Level Control & Tank Management System
  5. Officine Orobiche Level Switches & Indicators, Visual Flow Indicators, Flow Switches
  6. MANNING Automatic Samplers
E. Fuel Systems
  1. SHOROU Intl. Fuel Transfer & Management System and Fuel Pump & Filtration Skids
  2. ISOIL IMPIANTI Fuel Flowmeters & Accessories, Positive Displacement type
  3. GASSÓ EQUIPMENTS Hoses, Loading Arms, Couplings and Folding Stairs,